Alien Graphics is releasing a new line of six instructional Model Building DVD's designed to take you from beginner to expert. Volume #1 "Model Basics" will start with simple assembly and paint. Follow along as we take you through step by step our build up of this fantastic Iron Man model kit from Moebius. Then let us walk you through the installation of a VooDoo FX lighting kit. We will show you up close several professional techniques for building painting and lighting this great kit. Then we will show you how to use various washes to to give your Iron Man replica a more realistic look. By the time you finish Volume #1 "Model Basics" you will be well on your way to building models like the pros. In future volumes we will take you through subjects like installing fiber optics, creating your own voice circuits, and complete figure sculpting and mold casting. Each Volume will show you step by step instructions so you can follow along with us. And finally we will explore the art of scratch building at its finest as we show you how to build your own ED-209 robot from the movie Robocop in 1:1 scale. We will show you how to make this replica's arms move and how to make him talk with voice tracks from the movie. You will come along with us as we go to a ordinary hardware store and pick out the parts to make this great movie robot come to life. So grab volume #1 "Model Basics" and lets get started





Alien Graphics will be attending next years show. We will have a table in the dealers room so if you are attending? Please stop by and see us.


Lost in Space Robot project:

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