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When we started Alien Graphics we knew we had something pretty unique. A company that can handle just about anything our clients can throw at us.

Video, 2D Graphics, as well as some 3D animation. We have been in business for over ten years now creating graphics for mostly customers in Louisville, Ky. Finally we have decided to branch out and take on the rest of the world. We're looking for clients that want that personal touch. If your company needs cool graphic intense ads to help push your business forward in today's economy you may want to contact us. Scott Tomb is our head artist and has had his hands in several local projects. Many businesses credit him for creating logos that have made their companies more successful.

In today's world we are easily influenced by what we see!

No one is more aware of this than Paul Beatty. He has been working in the field now for over ten years and knows the ins and outs. I started Alien Graphics back in April of 2000 and it has been a up hill strugle all the way. Trying to get our work noticed meant working practically for free. We would volunteer our services all over Louisville just to get our name out there. We finally got a couple of breaks about four years ago and things have been going pretty good every since. It just goes to show that if you are really determined you can make it work.